Monday, July 31, 2006

Origami Ghosts
I never learned how to fold decent paper planes. I remember how the talented people used to fold the paper to planes looking like fighter jets. I never managed to do that. My planes just crashed and burned a meter away from me. I guess my paper planes was more like the first aircrafts that was built. You know the silly looking ones that you can see in old movie clips, with people trying to fly but everyone just ends up face down in a bush...

Origami Ghosts must be masters at folding paper. If they are half as good as they are making music, they could probably make a living out of it. This six piece band from Seattle, USA is about everything you need this week. The use of other instruments than the ordinary pop/rock band would use is what makes the gold that is Origami Ghosts shine. Four wonderful songs are available at their myspace site. Their website is not really finished yet, but you can find it here.

Origami Ghosts - Peace Smells Nice
Origami Ghosts - Clouds Look Down


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